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Hydraulic Compressor Motorized (Engine Driven)

Hydraulic Compressor Motorized (Engine Driven)
Hydraulic Compressor Motorized (Engine Driven)
Product Code : 21
Product Description
Specification and Technical Data

"Techo - Scient" Hydraulic Compressor, Engine Driven, Base Mounted suitable for jointing ACSR/AAC Conductors and Earth wires, Capacity  - 100 Tonne, Compressor consists of Main Monoblock, Pumping Unit, Engine, Pressure Gauge, Rubber Hoses, Compression Die Sets.

Main Monoblock
Main Monoblock is made for forged steel body and contains the pressure cell and ram, on which the die holder for the lower half of the die block is mounted: the uprights of the steel body has provision for holding in position the upper half of the die block, a simple mechanical locking device, provided at the top of the body to be used during the compression operation, increases the rigidity of the press: It can be taken to any desired place or distance for forming joints.

Pumping Units
Pumping unit plunger type which is coupled to the Petrol Engine. It is designed to develop pressure upto 100-t conveniently and smoothly and the time taken in making the joint is considerably shorter as compared to traditional hand-pressing. The pumping unit is fitted within a sturdy oil tank having a reservoir for storing the oil and is leak-proof. It has a long life and sturdy enough to sustain the rough conditions of the field. The compressor proper and the pump unit are connected by a high pressure steel Braided Rubber Hose with end fittings in required lengths.

Hand Pumping Unit.
Hand Pumping unit is also provided within the above tank for emergency use in the even of failure of Engine, either for want of fuel or otherwise. It is an additional feature of the compressor which increase the utility and efficiency of the Unit.

Engine: Engine is of "Villiars/ Honda" or any other standard make and is suitable for operation both on Petrol-cum-kerosene. It is attached to the pumping unit and has a belting operation.

Trolley (At Buyer's Option)
Trolley is a pneumatic two wheeled trolley with flat plate-form. The compressor proper, pumping unit and the Engine, i.e. whole set-up is mounted on the wheeled trolley, having two handles at the far ends for carrying the unit by men/vehicles conveniently. Telescopic sports at the ends have been provided for aligning- fixing the unit in position while in operation.

Pressure Gauge: Pressure Gauge duly calibrated with possible least count of 1-t division for indicating the load is fitted to the unit.